Commission for Raine~ hope you like it! uheh

Your art is very cute and pretty! >w< Also, who sings the song on your blog?

Thanks ;w; <33 and which song? 

Just curious, what do you make the mabi charms out of? Like, material-wise.

Oh! sorry for the late reply o<-< but I make them out of sculpey c: and sculpting wire to hold the charms, any paint will do too as long as it doesn’t crack and I finish them off by coating them with gloss, hope this answered your question~

2/2 Commissions for Karnmakaa huehuh hope you like this one too 
Commission for Karinmakaa one out of two 
Commission for Moneko huehuh
art trade with Bonelo in Furaffinity *w* 
something I doodled in class ;w; adg
sometimes I fall asleep out of the blue y_y